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Fish School

Welcome to "Fish School" In this section, you will have the opportunity to learn about fish assemblages, habitats and oceanography of the South Atlantic Bight. Your class-mates on this page share your interest in learning and request that you think about them as humans continue to change the oceans and their homes. Can you guess the reef fish species represented by each of your classmates from their silhouettes? In our fish school, you can see differences in fish body shapes and fin types, which both relate to a fish species "life style" (regardless of how funny he or she may look). [Click on the character to learn more about that fish species]

Three games are available from Fish Watch:

Additional educational information can also be found on the "best of" Fish Watch videos page.

You may call me "Professor Cuda." Many consider me mean, but I contribute to removal of unhealthy or diseased individuals.
Professor Cuda
Hi I'm Buddy Bass! Some call me a "Techie," but studying the oceans requires skills in both math and computers.... It's the BOMB!
Techie Bass
My name is "Sally Spade." I like to travel in schools. When I graduate, I plan to study jellyfish and jelly dancing.
Sally Spadefish
I'm known as "Tommy Tate." I swim in schools, often of mixed species. Some folks give me credit for adding nutrients to the reef habitats.
Tommy Tate
Call me "Roy Runner" or I might just bite your tail off. I like to swim fast all of the time and my favorite class is "lunch!"