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next family Order = Squamata

Suborder = Lacertilia
Family = Anguidae (Glass and Alligator Lizards)


Some characteristics of Anguidae: Most members of this family do not have legs and are sometimes mistaken for snakes. However, these lizards have moveable eyelids and external ear openings both of which are lacking in snakes. Species range from <10cm to more than 1.3m in length. Their tails come off easily when bothered. Glass Lizards spend most their live burrowed in the ground.
There are about 102 species in 15 genera. They occur in north and south America, and range from western Europe and northwestern Africa to western Pakistan, and occur in Southeast Asia as well as on islands of the Sunda Shelf.

Literature: Good, D. A. 1987. An allozyme analysis of anguid subfamilial relationships (Lacertilia: Anguidae), Copeia 696-701.

Species in brown font were observed in the ACE Basin during a herpetofauna survey in 2002- species in red font are presumed to occur there based on their overall range!

Common Names Scientific Names
Slender Glass Lizard Ophisaurus attenuatus
Island Glass Lizard ++ Ophisaurus compressus
Mimic Glass Lizard ++ Ophisaurus mimicus
Eastern Glass Lizard Ophisaurus ventralis

++ = of concern in SC


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